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  • 7-Eleven Says Trademark Law Firm Stole Name, Color Scheme

    Convenience store giant 7-Eleven this week sued a Chicago-based law practice called Seven Eleven Law Group for trademark infringement, alleging that the firm, which specializes in trademark matters itself, is ripping off its name and its green and white color scheme, as well as unfairly profiting off its brand.

  • Morgan Lewis, NJ Judge Dodge Relentless Federal Litigation

    Morgan Lewis, Colgate, a New Jersey judge, the state attorney general's office and several small law firms have dodged litigation from a pro se plaintiff after the federal judge overseeing the case found he was trying to relitigate a decade-old case for the fourth time.

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    Calif. Atty Seeks Costs After Beating Anti-BLM Tweeting Case

    A California attorney who defeated disciplinary charges over her tweets saying Black Lives Matter protesters "should be shot" asked the state bar court this week to reimburse her for nearly $4,000 in expenses the attorney said she racked up over the course of her defense.

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    Early Inequality Can Loom Over Attys' Future Wages And More

    Many attorneys' career paths reflect, and reproduce, early inequalities they may have confronted across race, gender and class distinctions, taking the form of wage gaps and more limited opportunities for advancement at their workplaces, according to a new book that followed thousands of lawyers through the first two decades of their careers.

  • Ex-Fla. Atty Seeks Lenient Sentence In NFL Fraud Case

    Disbarred Florida attorney Timothy Howard is asking for mercy after pleading guilty to masterminding a bizarre scheme that stole millions from litigation funders and retired NFL players, saying the fact that he himself has "lost everything" in the fallout means he should receive "significantly" less prison time than the 14 to 17 years federal prosecutors are seeking.

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    Over 2 Dozen Firms Urge Law School Action On Antisemitism

    More than two dozen top U.S. law firms urged the deans of law schools in the U.K. and the U.S. to confront the antisemitic incidents in the weeks since Hamas' surprise attack on Israel, reminding recipients that they recruit from their schools.  

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    Meet The Attys Facing Off In Polsinelli Sexual Harassment Suit

    The former Washington, D.C.-based Polsinelli PC shareholder suing over alleged sexual harassment has tapped a legal team that includes an attorney who has previously taken on the firm in a discrimination suit and will face off against some of the same lawyers.

  • Atty Ordered To Repay Ex For Law School Loans

    A Connecticut lawyer must repay more than $30,000 to an ex who "unwisely cosigned" — and, for eight years, made payments on — his law school loans, a judge has determined.

  • Texas Atty's Sex Tape May Be Child Porn, Appeals Court Told

    A woman who had an extramarital relationship with a Houston commercial litigation attorney has told a state appellate court that a Harris County judge is forcing her to commit a federal crime through an order requiring her to turn over a video that allegedly shows the lawyer having sex with a minor.

  • Mich. Atty, Businessman Convicted Of Crash Report Scheme

    A Michigan jury on Wednesday found an attorney and a businessman guilty of a scheme to use Detroit Police Department crash reports to solicit potential clients for medical clinics and auto accident law firms.

  • Ex-Paralegal Fights Fla. Firm's Bid To Nix Whistleblower Claim

    A former paralegal for Florida-based insurance law firm Property Litigation Group PLLC is pushing back on the firm's bid to erase a whistleblower claim from her suit alleging she was fired after reporting unwanted sexual advances and case mismanagement by a senior attorney.

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    Iraq Telecom Calls Counsel Withdrawal Bid A 'Farce'

    Lawyers for Iraq Telecom Ltd. trying to secure enforcement of a $1.65 billion arbitration award in their client's favor accused opposing counsel Tuesday of "gamesmanship" in trying to drop out of the case and throw a wrench in court proceedings just before their dénouement.

  • Texas Panel Partially Axes Immigration Atty's Defamation Suit

    A Texas appellate court on Tuesday ruled that parts of a Houston-area immigration attorney's defamation, assault and conspiracy lawsuit against a former client should be dismissed due to protections afforded by the Texas Citizens Participation Act.

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    In Their Words: Hacks For New Lawyer Parents From Veterans

    As the legal industry considers the results of a new report by the American Bar Association showing the extensive challenges parents, and particularly mothers, face in law firms, six seasoned lawyer parents share their advice to newbies for balancing family and work.

  • Bad Legal Advice Cost Company $3M, Franchiser Says

    The Indiana-based franchiser behind a mobile trash service filed a lawsuit this week accusing its former law firm of giving it bad legal advice that led to the company losing $2.8 million in a dispute with one of its franchisees.

  • New Jersey IP Firm Sues SBA Over $500K Loan Default Ruling

    A small law firm in New Jersey alleges that when one of its principal lawyers got sick and withdrew from the business, the U.S. Small Business Administration saw the move as an unauthorized change in ownership and declared the firm's $500,000 loan in default.

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    As Firms Grapple With SFFA, Diversity Grows At 'Glacial Pace'

    Ethnically diverse hires at Top 200 law firms have grown by about 22% since 2019, but 64% of diversity professionals say two recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions that struck down long-standing affirmative action policies in higher education will make their job more difficult, according to a new report out Tuesday from Leopard Solutions.

  • Ill. Atty's Failure To Pay Fees Warrants Disbarment, Panel Says

    A hearing board panel of Illinois' state attorney watchdog recommended Monday that an Illinois attorney be disbarred for failing to pay another lawyer who worked for him after a personal injury case was settled and instead used some of that money for himself.

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    Above-Market Bonuses May Let Boutiques Seize The Moment

    As BigLaw finishes out a fairly lackluster year financially, some elite boutiques are likely looking at year-end bonuses as an opportunity to raise their profiles and pick off talent.

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    These Law Firms Are Where It All Began For Top-Earning GCs

    Before ascending to the ranks of top-earning general counsel at some of America's most renowned corporations, many lawyers cut their teeth in the structured law firm environment, where they gain invaluable experience and foster connections that often last for a lifetime.

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    A Deep Dive Into Top GC Pay

    Communications and information technology are paying their legal chiefs the most, with companies from those sectors taking seven of the 10 highest-earning spots in Law360 Pulse's report on general counsel compensation.

  • iStock-1440268097.jpg

    Everything You Need To Know About GC Pay

    Want to know which legal chief is earning the most at an S&P 500 company? How compensation compares across business sectors? Explore the ins and outs of general counsel compensation with our interactive graphic.

  • iStock-1352089732.jpg

    These GCs Are Pulling Down Top Dollar

    Despite the economic uncertainty of the past few years and increasing cost pressures facing legal departments, the pay packages for many top corporate lawyers continue to stay strong. Here, we spotlight the legal chiefs who are earning the most in total compensation and in total cash at S&P 500 companies.

  • iStock-1422767892.jpg

    Women In Top GC Posts Are Making The Pay Gap Disappear

    The trend is clear: Women no longer trail men in earnings among general counsel at top companies in the United States. Law360 Pulse found that among the S&P 500 general counsel whose 2022 pay packages were disclosed publicly, women made more than men in total compensation.

  • Houston IP Firm Sues Ex-Law Clerk Again Over Trade Secrets

    Houston boutique law firm Lloyd & Mousilli has filed a fresh trade secrets lawsuit in Texas federal court after a state judge tossed a similar suit, accusing a former clerk who worked virtually from California while he was in law school of stealing the firm's client details and other confidential information.

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