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  • Legal Aid Funder Awards $5M For Pro Bono Services

    The Legal Services Corporation announced this week it will award more than $5 million in grants to 17 legal organizations around the U.S. in an effort to expand and improve pro bono legal services across the country.

  • NJ Courts Turn Attention To AI Impact With New Committee

    The New Jersey Supreme Court has launched a 31-member committee on artificial intelligence, it announced Friday, bringing together legal and other experts to study the possible effects of AI on court operations and the legal field.

  • KLDiscovery Acquires India-Based Cenza Technologies

    E-discovery and managed review company KLDiscovery Inc. said Friday that it has acquired the business of Cenza Technologies Private Ltd., an India-based alternative legal services provider that allows KLDiscovery a foothold in the region.

  • Voir Dire: Law360 Pulse's Weekly Quiz

    Summer ended with another action-packed week for the legal industry as BigLaw firms expanded their practices and reach. Test your legal news savvy here with Law360 Pulse's weekly quiz.

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    Coming Soon: The 2023 Law360 Pulse Leaderboard Rankings

    What combination of attributes adds up to a firm that stands above the rest? On Tuesday, we will publish the first of our Leaderboard rankings, providing analysis and insights into what it means to be a successful law firm.

  • Legal Ops Software Co. Raises $9M For Global Expansion

    Matter management and legal operations software company LawVu announced Thursday it has received a NZ$15 million (about $8.9 million) investment from New Zealand venture capital fund Movac, with the new capital going toward its continued expansion into international markets.

  • E-Discovery Co. CS Disco Sued For Misleading Its Investors

    E-discovery provider CS Disco Inc. painted a misleadingly sunny financial outlook in its public disclosures to investors while knowingly losing some of its biggest customers, according to a securities class action filed in New York federal court.

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    Why Law Firms Are Poaching So Many In-House Cyber Pros

    Large law firms have had a big appetite this spring and summer for cybersecurity and privacy experts, and one way they've met the demand for that talent is by hiring attorneys from in-house legal departments.

  • Google Units Dropped From AI Development Suit

    Two subsidiaries of Google were dropped earlier this week from a proposed class action in California federal court alleging that the tech giant used private and copyrighted information from hundreds of millions of Americans to train its generative artificial intelligence chatbot Bard.

  • Steve-McKenzie-Headshot.jpg

    LinkSquares Adds Investor, Board Member To C-Suite

    LinkSquares Inc. formally welcomed Steve McKenzie as its chief customer officer on Tuesday to enhance the legal technology company's customer experience.

  • Approach The Bench: Judge Young Boosts The 'Trial Model'

    It's been 20 years since Massachusetts U.S. District Judge William Young penned an open letter to his colleagues on the federal bench warning the American jury trial was "withering away," and that this signaled judges had "lost focus on our prime mission." But in a recent interview with Law360, he seemed optimistic about the future.

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    Legal Tech Co. Hires Consultant For Asia-Pacific Region

    International legal technology consulting company Pinnacle said Tuesday it has hired the former head of finance systems from London-headquartered law firm Ashurst LLP to be a principal consultant for the Asia-Pacific region.

  • LA Firm Waited Over A Year To Disclose Data Hack, Suit Says

    Hill Farrer & Burrill LLP failed to stop a preventable cyberattack carried out by hackers in the spring of 2022 that exposed sensitive information of thousands of individuals and waited over a year to notify them of the breach, according to a proposed class action filed in California state court.

  • Bradley Arant Starts AI Team To Keep Up With Client Demand

    Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP has launched an artificial intelligence team to help companies deal with the legal and regulatory challenges that come from escalating AI usage in nearly every industry.

  • iStock-1470340715.jpg

    Courts Need To Brace Themselves For Deepfake Evidence

    Deepfakes — fabricated audio and visual recordings created with generative artificial intelligence tools — will continue to surface in courts and lengthen e-discovery, increase litigation costs and reduce the number of cases that go to trial, according to legal scholars and judges.

  • Taylor Wessing To Reward Lawyers Via Virtual Tokens

    Taylor Wessing LLP said Tuesday that it has launched a new incentive scheme that uses distributed ledger technology to reward lawyers who are making an outstanding contribution to the organization's culture and goals as a responsible business. 

  • Darrow Secures $35M Series B To Help Litigators Find Cases

    Legal technology startup Darrow, which has a legal violation detection platform for plaintiff lawyers, raised a $35 million Series B funding round on Tuesday.

  • OpenAI Sees AI Privacy Class Claims Dropped

    A proposed class in California federal court has dropped its suit accusing OpenAI of violating the copyrights and privacy of hundreds of millions of internet users to create ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence products.

  • Mancari_Leeanne_1500x2100.jpg

    Covington Brings On E-Discovery Litigator In LA

    A longtime DLA Piper electronic discovery attorney has joined Covington & Burling LLP's Los Angeles office after nearly two decades at her previous firm.

  • 2_up_Fragomen.png

    Fragomen Adds C-Suite Leader And Managing Director

    International immigration law firm Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen & Loewy LLP said Monday that it has added a chief transformation officer in the U.S. and a managing director of commercial strategies in the U.K.

  • Contract Co. LegalSifter Acquires Akorda

    Contract software company LegalSifter announced on Monday its acquisition of Akorda, a lifecycle management company, which will expand its technology's capabilities to include drafting features and analytics.

  • E-Discovery Co., Attys Sanctioned $525K For Bogus Suits

    A New York-based litigation management company and two of its attorneys must pay over a half-million dollars in sanctions after a Texas state judge determined that multiple unlawful litigation tactics were expressly used as a means to collect on a claim for $10 million that was about to be tossed.

  • iStock-1146054540.jpg

    3 In-House Trends To Watch For In Home Stretch Of 2023

    In-house legal teams are trying to change their image of being a cost center, all while trying to protect the company from new data privacy and regulatory compliance challenges, according to industry leaders who spoke at the Future Lawyer Week summit Thursday.

  • ROSS Can't Prove Westlaw Users Mix Software, Reuters Says

    In a suit alleging ROSS Intelligence improperly used its Westlaw platform to create a new product, Thomson Reuters argued ROSS' antitrust counterclaims fail because there is zero evidence that any legal researcher has mixed and matched legal research platforms.

  • Connecticut Firm Must Face Trial In Suit Over Email Hack

    A Connecticut law firm is headed to trial in a negligence suit brought by a former client who wired more than $90,000 to an alleged hacker after the firm's email system was allegedly compromised, with a judge finding enough evidence for a jury to hear the case.

Expert Analysis

  • How To Thrive As A New Legal Operations Manager Author Photo

    To make their first 90 days on the job a success, new legal operations managers should focus on several key objectives, including aligning priorities with leadership and getting to know their team, says Ashlyn Donohue at LinkSquares.

  • Resume Gaps Are No Longer Kryptonite To Your Legal Career Author Photo

    Female attorneys and others who pause their careers for a few years will find that gaps in work history are increasingly acceptable among legal employers, meaning with some networking, retraining and a few other strategies, lawyers can successfully reenter the workforce, says Jill Backer at Ave Maria School of Law.

  • Law Firm Guardrails For Responsible Generative AI Use Author Photo

    ChatGPT and other generative artificial intelligence tools pose significant risks to the integrity of legal work, but the key for law firms is not to ban these tools, but to implement them responsibly and with appropriate safeguards, say Natalie Pierce and Stephanie Goutos at Gunderson Dettmer.

  • How In-House Counsel Can Prepare For Generative AI Risks Author Photo

    To safeguard against the many risks posed by generative artificial intelligence legal tools, in-house counsel should work with their information security teams to develop new data security questions for prospective vendors, vet existing applications and review who can utilize machine guidance, says Diane Homolak at Integreon.

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    We Must Continue DEI Efforts Despite High Court Headwinds Author Photo

    Though the U.S. Supreme Court recently struck down affirmative action in higher education, law firms and their clients must keep up the legal industry’s recent momentum advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the profession in order to help achieve a just and prosperous society for all, says Angela Winfield at the Law School Admission Council.

  • Law Firms Cannot Ignore Attorneys' Personal Cybersecurity Author Photo

    Law firms that fail to consider their attorneys' online habits away from work are not using their best efforts to protect client information and are simplifying the job of plaintiffs attorneys in the case of a breach, say Mark Hurley and Carmine Cicalese at Digital Privacy and Protection.

  • Why Process Management Is Critical To Legal Tech Adoption Author Photo

    Corporate legal departments looking to implement new technology can avoid hiccups by taking steps to define the underlying business problem and to identify opportunities for process improvements before leaping to the automation stage, say Nadine Ezzie at Ezzie + Co., Kenneth Jones at Xerdict Group and Kathy Zhu at Streamline AI.

  • Law Firm Cybersecurity Should Not Get Lost In The Cloud Author Photo

    A recent data leak at Proskauer via a cloud data storage platform demonstrates key reasons why law firms must pay attention to data safeguarding, including the increasing frequency of cloud-based data breaches and the consequences of breaking client confidentiality, says Robert Kraczek at One Identity.

  • Advice For Summer Associates Uneasy About Offer Prospects Author Photo

    There are a few communication tips that law students in summer associate programs should consider to put themselves in the best possible position to receive an offer, and firms can also take steps to support those to whom they are unable to make an offer, says Amy Mattock at Georgetown University Law Center.

  • How Students Prepping For The Bar Exam Can Leverage AI Author Photo

    Tools like ChatGPT can help students studying for the bar exam achieve their two main goals — mastering law concepts and topics, and then successfully applying them to the various question formats on the test — but there are still limitations to this technology, including incorrect answers, says Joseph Wilson at Studicata.

  • How Law Firms Can Cautiously Wield AI To Streamline Tasks Author Photo

    Many attorneys are going to use artificial intelligence tools whether law firms like it or not, so firms should educate them on AI's benefits, limits and practical uses, such as drafting legal documents, to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving legal market, say Thomas Schultz and Eden Bernstein at Kellogg Hansen.

  • Opinion

    Attorneys Should Have An Ethical Duty To Advance DEI Author Photo

    National and state bar associations are encouraging attorneys to apply diversity, equity and inclusion practices in the legal profession and beyond, and these associations should take it one step further by formally recognizing ethical duties for attorneys to promote DEI, which could better the legal profession and society, says Elena Mitchell at Moore & Van Allen.

  • 10 Steps To Improve Legal Vendor Management Author Photo

    Corporate counsel often turn to third-party vendors to manage spending challenges, and navigating this selection process can be difficult for both counsel and the vendor, but there are several ways corporate legal departments can make the entire process easier and beneficial for all parties involved, says David Cochran at QuisLex.

  • DoNotPay Cases Underscore Hurdles For AI-Fueled Legal Help Author Photo

    Recent legal challenges against DoNotPay’s "robot lawyer” application highlight pressing questions about the degree to which artificial intelligence can be used for legal tasks while remaining on the right side of both consumer protection laws and prohibitions against the unauthorized practice of law, says Kristen Niven at Frankfurt Kurnit.

  • Strategies To Improve Reporting In The Legal Industry Author Photo

    The growing demand for analytical data within law firms and corporate law departments — from live case status updates to diversity reports — highlights the need for improvements in legal profession reporting, with increasingly granular industry-standard codes to describe legal tasks being key, says Kenneth Jones at Xerdict.



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