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  • Pa. Judge Eyes Ex-SEC Lawyer's Bias Suit With Skepticism

    A Pennsylvania federal judge on Friday appeared skeptical of a former U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission lawyer's age and race bias lawsuit against the agency as her counsel struggled to provide the judge with hard evidence that her client was denied a promotion because of discrimination.

  • AP23236807483267.jpg

    Giuliani Ordered To Cough Up $237K In Ga. Poll Workers' Suit

    Rudy Giuliani owes roughly $237,000 stemming from unpaid sanctions and legal fees in a suit brought by Georgia poll workers who say he accused them of ballot fraud in the 2020 presidential election, according to an order issued Friday.

  • Judge Calls Some Of Trump's Args 'Crazy' In NY Fraud Case

    A New York state judge on Friday pounded the bench as he expressed frustration with arguments made by Donald Trump's attorneys over what claims, if any, he can rule on ahead of trial in the massive fraud case against the former president, his sons and their business, calling some recurring arguments "literally crazy."

  • Passantino_Stefan_C.jpg

    Jan. 6 Atty Says Ex-Prosecutor's Tweet Is 'Insidious Lie'

    Stefan Passantino, a former Trump administration attorney who represented former aide Cassidy Hutchinson during the House select committee's investigation into the Jan. 6 insurrection, on Friday accused former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann of defamation for posting a tweet claiming Passantino coached Hutchinson to lie during her congressional testimony.

  • Equinox Gets Nod On $36M Deal In Calif. Meal Break Suit

    An Alameda County Superior Court judge indicated he'll give final approval to a $36 million global settlement against Equinox, resolving California state and federal actions alleging the company compelled over 15,000 employees to perform pre-shift work without pay and to skip meal breaks.

  • SEC Case Receiver Sues Atty To Undo 'Fraudulent Transfers'

    A court-appointed receiver for a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement case has filed a lawsuit in Colorado federal court as part of his "efforts to trace, recapture, and return to investors millions of dollars of losses in a fraudulent Forex trading scheme," naming an attorney, his law firm and others as defendants in the suit.

  • fees.png

    Gibson Dunn Fees Halved In NY Eviction Law Dispute

    Attorneys from Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP can recover $385,000 in fees for successfully blocking a pandemic-era anti-eviction law on behalf of New York landlords, after a federal judge rejected arguments that they should not be paid at all, but found their initial request of $735,000 "unreasonably excessive."

  • Ga. Libel Litigants Face Essay Style Sanctions

    A Georgia federal judge ordered both sides of a defamation lawsuit to read moderate conservative cultural commentator David Brooks' column entitled "How Did America Get So Mean?" as a sanction in the libel suit that the judge said "devolved into a particular form of meanness — social media harassment," while also handing defendants a win.

  • Ex-Aide Wants Suit Against Sister's NJ Firm In State Court

    A former aide at her sister's New Jersey law firm has urged a federal judge to move her lawsuit against the practice back to New Jersey state court and grant her attorney fees, arguing the federal court lacks subject matter jurisdiction over her anticipatory breach of contract and retaliation claims.

  • NJ Judicial Protections Law Survives Constitutional Challenge

    A journalist has lost his New Jersey state lawsuit seeking an exception to a state law shielding judges' and others' personal information from public disclosure, with a judge finding that those protections outweighed the benefits of publishing a story documenting the home address of a city police director

  • chancery.jpg

    Vexatious Vs. Virtuous: Del. Chancery Battles Dip In Decorum

    Nearly three decades after a "maggot" reference in a deposition prompted the Delaware Supreme Court to rebuke a lack of civility, a certain roughness is creeping back into the state's legal proceedings — and the Court of Chancery wants it to stop.

  • Georgia DAs' Fear Of 'Witch Hunt' Unfounded, Judge Told

    Counsel for members of Georgia's new commission tasked with investigating complaints against prosecutors urged an Atlanta judge Friday to reject an attempt by four district attorneys to halt the commission's work before it starts accepting complaints Oct. 1.

  • iStock-1400988188.jpg

    Saltz Mongeluzzi Seeks $125K In Fees From Post-Hack OT Suit

    Attorneys from Saltz Mongeluzzi & Bendesky PC are seeking more than $125,000 in fees and expenses for more than 150 hours of representation for a class of rehab facility workers who claimed they were underpaid for overtime when their company's timekeeping system was hacked.

  • 2_up_jams.png

    Former Judge, Ex-Wells Fargo Exec Join JAMS In Calif.

    Alternative dispute resolution provider JAMS made two new additions to its panel in California, including a retired Sonoma County Superior Court judge and a former Wells Fargo vice president and senior counsel.

  • Fenwick, Celebrities Seek To Toss FTX Investors' Suit

    Fenwick & West LLP, several celebrities and others facing investor claims related to the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX have asked a Florida federal court to dismiss the litigation against them.

  • EV Maker Says Richards Layton Can Represent It In Ch. 11

    Lordstown Motors is defending its proposed retention of Richards Layton & Finger PA as its bankruptcy co-counsel, disputing the federal bankruptcy watchdog's contention that a conflict exists that should disqualify the Delaware firm from representing the electric-truck maker in its Chapter 11.

  • Laura Sixkiller and Kate L. Benveniste

    2 Litigators Rejoin Greenberg Traurig In Ariz. From DLA Piper

    Greenberg Traurig LLP has welcomed back a pair of litigation attorneys to the firm's Phoenix office following several years with DLA Piper. 

  • Consumer Atty Rips Fireball Maker's Belated Sanctions Bid

    A prolific plaintiffs' attorney recently profiled in The New Yorker urged an Illinois federal judge Thursday to reject Sazerac Company Inc.'s sanctions bid that alleges he sues without regard to the facts and law, arguing that the maker of Fireball liquor waited months after the consumer case was voluntarily dropped to seek sanctions.

  • Ex-NC Candidate Says She Settled Atty's Defamation Row

    A former Democratic candidate for the North Carolina Senate says she has resolved claims she defamed her Republican opponent, a real estate attorney with the firm Lee Kaess PLLC, with a false campaign ad, admitting in a social media post that the "accusations were not based on actual facts."

  • Immigration Judges' Free Speech Challenge Tossed Again

    A Virginia federal judge has ruled that the National Association of Immigration Judges has standing to challenge a policy the judges say violates their right to freely discuss their immigration views in public but ultimately nixed their lawsuit, saying it belongs elsewhere.

  • moulton_stephen_hires2.jpg

    Bradley Arant Bolsters Dallas Shop With Ex-Fed. Prosecutor

    Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP has strengthened its government enforcement and investigations practice group by adding a former assistant U.S. attorney to its Dallas roster.

  • Firm Fights Sanctions In Georgia-Pacific Unit's Bankruptcy

    A law firm and group of plaintiffs asked the Fourth Circuit on Friday to overturn nearly $420,000 in sanctions as part of bankruptcy proceedings for a Georgia-Pacific unit, arguing that a sanctions order in a bankruptcy is available for review.

  • Labaton Sucharow Will Lead Norfolk Southern Investor Suit

    A New York federal judge appointed Labaton Sucharow LLP as lead counsel for a proposed class of investors bringing a suit against Norfolk Southern Corp. and multiple major financial firms alleging the transportation company overstated its commitment to safety before a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.

  • iStock-1363960193.jpg

    4 Ways Young Attorneys Can Find The Perfect Mentor

    Having a mentor can be a crucial boost to a young attorney’s career. Here are four tips on how new associates can go about finding the ideal mentor.

  • Voir Dire: Law360 Pulse's Weekly Quiz

    Summer ended with another action-packed week for the legal industry as BigLaw firms expanded their practices and reach. Test your legal news savvy here with Law360 Pulse's weekly quiz.

Expert Analysis

  • 5 Life Lessons From Making Partner As A Solo Parent Author Photo

    Laranda Walker at Susman Godfrey, who was raising two small children and working her way to partner when she suddenly lost her husband, shares what fighting to keep her career on track taught her about accepting help, balancing work and family, and discovering new reserves of inner strength.

  • Ask A Mentor: How Can I Turn Deferral To My Advantage? Author Photo

    Diana Leiden at Winston & Strawn discusses how first-year associates whose law firm start dates have been deferred can use the downtime to hone their skills, help their communities, and focus on returning to BigLaw with valuable contacts and out-of-the-box insights.

  • Resume Gaps Are No Longer Kryptonite To Your Legal Career Author Photo

    Female attorneys and others who pause their careers for a few years will find that gaps in work history are increasingly acceptable among legal employers, meaning with some networking, retraining and a few other strategies, lawyers can successfully reenter the workforce, says Jill Backer at Ave Maria School of Law.

  • Law Firm Guardrails For Responsible Generative AI Use Author Photo

    ChatGPT and other generative artificial intelligence tools pose significant risks to the integrity of legal work, but the key for law firms is not to ban these tools, but to implement them responsibly and with appropriate safeguards, say Natalie Pierce and Stephanie Goutos at Gunderson Dettmer.

  • Opinion

    We Must Continue DEI Efforts Despite High Court Headwinds Author Photo

    Though the U.S. Supreme Court recently struck down affirmative action in higher education, law firms and their clients must keep up the legal industry’s recent momentum advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the profession in order to help achieve a just and prosperous society for all, says Angela Winfield at the Law School Admission Council.

  • Law Firms Cannot Ignore Attorneys' Personal Cybersecurity Author Photo

    Law firms that fail to consider their attorneys' online habits away from work are not using their best efforts to protect client information and are simplifying the job of plaintiffs attorneys in the case of a breach, say Mark Hurley and Carmine Cicalese at Digital Privacy and Protection.

  • Why Writing CLE Should Be Mandatory For Lawyers Author Photo

    Though effective writing is foundational to law, no state requires attorneys to take continuing legal education in this skill — something that must change if today's attorneys are to have the communication abilities they need to fulfill their professional and ethical duties to their clients, colleagues and courts, says Diana Simon at the University of Arizona.

  • How To Find Your Inner Calm When Client Obligations Pile Up Author Photo

    In the most stressful times for attorneys, when several transactions for different partners and clients peak at the same time and the phone won’t stop buzzing, incremental lifestyle changes can truly make a difference, says Lindsey Hughes at Haynes Boone.

  • Ask A Mentor: How Can I Support Gen Z Attorneys? Author Photo

    Meredith Beuchaw at Lowenstein Sandler discusses how senior attorneys can assist the newest generation of attorneys by championing their pursuit of a healthy work-life balance and providing the hands-on mentorship opportunities they missed out on during the pandemic.

  • Advice For Summer Associates Uneasy About Offer Prospects Author Photo

    There are a few communication tips that law students in summer associate programs should consider to put themselves in the best possible position to receive an offer, and firms can also take steps to support those to whom they are unable to make an offer, says Amy Mattock at Georgetown University Law Center.

  • How Law Firms Can Cautiously Wield AI To Streamline Tasks Author Photo

    Many attorneys are going to use artificial intelligence tools whether law firms like it or not, so firms should educate them on AI's benefits, limits and practical uses, such as drafting legal documents, to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving legal market, say Thomas Schultz and Eden Bernstein at Kellogg Hansen.

  • Keys To Managing The Stresses Of Law School Author Photo

    Dealing with the pressures associated with law school can prove difficult for many future lawyers, but there are steps students can take to manage stress — and schools can help too, say Ryan Zajic and Dr. Janani Krishnaswami at UWorld.

  • Can Mandatory CLE Mitigate Implicit Bias's Negative Impacts? Author Photo

    Amid ongoing disagreements on whether states should mandate implicit bias training as part of attorneys' continuing legal education requirements, Stephanie Wilson at Reed Smith looks at how unconscious attitudes or stereotypes adversely affect legal practice, and whether mandatory training programs can help.

  • Ditch The Frills And Start Writing Legal Letters In Plain English Author Photo

    To become more effective advocates, lawyers need to rethink the ridiculous, convoluted language they use in correspondence and write letters in a clear, concise and direct manner, says legal writing instructor Stuart Teicher.

  • Ask A Mentor: How Can I Negotiate My Separation Agreement? Author Photo

    Kate Reder Sheikh at Major Lindsey discusses how a law firm associate can navigate being laid off, what to look for in a separation agreement and why to be upfront about it with prospective employers.



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