Abbe Lowell Defending Menendez In Bribery Case Once Again

By Jack Karp

Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez has again turned to renowned white collar attorney Abbe Lowell, who helped the senator escape corruption charges once before, to defend him against new charges in an alleged bribery scandal.

  • Passantino_Stefan_C.jpg

    Daily Litigation

    Jan. 6 Atty Says Ex-Prosecutor's Tweet Is 'Insidious Lie'

    Stefan Passantino, a former Trump administration attorney who represented former aide Cassidy Hutchinson during the House select committee's investigation into the Jan. 6 insurrection, on Friday accused former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann of defamation for posting a tweet claiming Passantino coached Hutchinson to lie during her congressional testimony.

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    Daily Litigation

    Gibson Dunn Fees Halved In NY Eviction Law Dispute

    Attorneys from Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP can recover $385,000 in fees for successfully blocking a pandemic-era anti-eviction law on behalf of New York landlords, after a federal judge rejected arguments that they should not be paid at all, but found their initial request of $735,000 "unreasonably excessive."

  • Frost Brown Todd.png

    California Pulse

    Frost Brown Reelects Chairman, CEO For Another Term

    Frost Brown Todd LLC is betting on the same leadership to guide the firm over the next three years that in previous terms shepherded it through a pandemic, added offices, and sealed a merger that made its footprint national.

  • iStock-1449569562.jpg

    Legal Tech

    Here's An Analogy For AI Legal Ethics: Outsourcing

    Speakers at a Federal Bar Association panel Friday offered a metaphor to describe the use of new artificial intelligence tools in legal work — it's much like outsourcing legal work to humans.

  • LegalLions.png

    California Pulse

    Law360's Legal Lions Of The Week

    Stone Hilton PLLC, The Buzbee Law Firm, Cogdell Law Firm and Scheef & Stone LLP lead this week's edition of Law360 Legal Lions after they worked to unhook Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton from impeachment allegations.

  • Texas_Attorney_General_Impeachment_79300.jpg


    Texas AG Paxton's Troubles Endure After Impeachment Win

    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is back on the job after being cleared by the Texas Senate at his impeachment trial over his ties to real estate investor Nate Paul. Yet the embattled politician's legal troubles are far from over.

  • iStock-1354293076.jpg

    Legal Tech

    Legal Tech Roundup: Paxton AI Secures $6M Seed Round

    Another legal generative artificial intelligence startup emerged with new funding this week.

  • GettyImages-1429511390.jpg

    California Pulse

    With Senior Status, Judge Wu Takes Legendary Mom's Advice

    U.S. District Judge George Wu is not just a powerhouse of California's Central District, but also the son of famed Hollywood restaurant owner Sylvia Wu, a legendary entrepreneur whose advice he took when he recently made the decision to take senior status on the bench.

  • In-House

    Texas Judge Won't Block Biden Admin's ESG Investing Rule

    A Texas federal judge Thursday refused to block a rule allowing retirement advisers to consider issues such as climate change and social justice when choosing investments, holding that the rule does not violate the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.

  • Courts

    5th Circ. Scraps $125M Ruling Over Judge-Atty Friendship

    The Fifth Circuit on Thursday vacated a $124.5 million award to the tenant of a Lake Charles, Louisiana, seaport in its yearslong contract fight with the port, finding that allegations the magistrate judge never disclosed her longtime friendship with the seaport's counsel raise "serious doubts" about the port's consent for the jurist to hear the case.

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