Ralph Johnson, et al v. The National Collegiate Athletic Association, et al

  1. January 01, 2024

    10 Sports And Betting Cases To Watch In 2024

    An ever-increasing volume of lawsuits involving the NCAA highlights the list of sports and betting cases to watch in 2024, including battles over athletes' right to compensation for their name, image and likeness and their fight to collectively bargain and be designated as employees. Plus, racial discrimination suits against the NFL, and more. Here, Law360 looks at the top sports and betting cases the legal world will be watching in the new year.

  2. February 15, 2023

    3rd Circ. Tackles Whether NCAA Athletes Are Employees

    The Third Circuit on Wednesday delved into whether student-athletes are employees and therefore entitled to wages under the Fair Labor Standards Act, with a panel recognizing that the NCAA has some degree of control over them but more discovery might be necessary to answer the question.

  3. February 14, 2023

    NCAA Athletes' Claim To Wages Set For 3rd Circ. Review

    A Third Circuit panel is scheduled to hear oral arguments Wednesday in a case that asks whether college student-athletes may sue the NCAA and individual institutions with claims they should be considered employees entitled to wages.

  4. January 02, 2023

    6 Pennsylvania Cases To Watch In 2023

    Pennsylvania-based cases that may be decided in 2023 will determine whether to count undated or misdated mail-in votes, if college athletes are "employees" of their institutions who can seek pay for their performances, and where companies can be sued within the Keystone State — if they're subject to its courts' jurisdiction at all.

  5. November 23, 2022

    5 Upcoming Oral Arguments Wage-Hour Attys Should Watch

    In the next couple of months, federal appeals courts will hear cases questioning the U.S. Department of Labor's rulemaking powers and whether the U.S. Supreme Court's recent antitrust ruling for college athletes opens the door for them to pursue employee wages. Here, Law360 previews five oral arguments to keep an eye on.

  6. August 19, 2022

    NCAA Makes Latest Bid To Maintain Athletes' Amateur Status

    The NCAA has continued to insist that college athletes should not be considered employees, telling the Third Circuit that last year's bombshell U.S. Supreme Court decision knocking down payment restrictions should not disturb its decades-long tradition of amateurism.

  7. July 29, 2022

    3rd. Circ. OKs Labor Prof's Amicus Brief in NCAA Case

    The Third Circuit on Friday allowed a law professor to proceed with his amicus brief supporting a group of students who are pushing back against the National Collegiate Athletic Association's stance that athletes are not considered paid employees.

  8. July 28, 2022

    Labor Prof Urges 3rd Circ. Not To Ax Amicus Brief In NCAA Case

    A professor of athletic labor urged the Third Circuit to keep his amicus brief supporting a group of students challenging the National Collegiate Athletic Association's position that college athletes aren't employees, saying he's offering a new perspective the court should consider.

  9. July 26, 2022

    NCAA Asks 3rd Circ. To Cut Athlete Labor Prof's Amicus Brief

    The National Collegiate Athletic Association urged the Third Circuit to reject an amicus brief filed by a professor in support of a group of students challenging the organization's position that athletes are not owed pay, arguing that his brief did not adhere to the rules of appellate procedure.

  10. July 15, 2022

    3rd Circ. Urged To Ax NCAA's Amateurism Defense In Pay Suit

    The NCAA is trying to hide behind its tradition of amateurism to avoid paying athletes, a group of students said, urging a Third Circuit panel to reject the organization's arguments that a lower court erroneously allowed the athletes' pay suit to move forward.